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"From the moment I started working with Dawn I felt like she was present for me. She listened and asked important questions. During our session her voice was calming and safe, which allowed me to have a successful experience. I am now listening to my recording every day and looking forward to the future." 

-Brianna, Zurich, Switzerland.

"I cannot recommend Dawn highly enough. She is professional and very easy to talk to. I felt comfortable with her to be able to open up to her and discover the root cause of my lack of self-confidence and poor relationship with food. Dawn first had a conversation with me to understand some background information then prepared our session. During the session I was able to think back to certain moments in my life that gave me answers. I felt deeply relaxed and free to face painful memories and emotions.Since my session with Dawn, I have noticed a healthier diet, more mindfulness with regard to food choices and less emotional eating. I have been able to commit to a regular exercise routine and I have had immediate results with weight loss which I have been able to maintain with a new mindset and growing self-confidence.I would have no hesitation in recommending Dawn as she is highly professional and put me at ease to explore confronting memories that were blocking my confidence. I feel so much more self-aware and assured thanks to Dawn, I found her assistance and expertise truly invaluable."

- Lara, Horgen, Switzerland.

"I went to Dawn as I was experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulder, and traditional medical treatment with a cortisone injection had not worked. I wanted to try RTT to see if it could help reduce the pain and improve my mobility. During the session, Dawn put me completely at ease with her calming and warm manner, as she effortlessly found the root cause of my pain, it was fascinating as I found that it was mainly attributed to my carrying around a huge amount of grief and guilt, mainly from losing my parents, and several close family members suddenly within a 3 year period. Dawn helped me come to terms with releasing  the pain and guilt that I was carrying around with me, and helped me to realise that letting it go was going to set me free. The recording she made for me is just beautiful, it’s called Transformation, and it has really made such a difference, listening to it for the 21 days made such an impact on me, I still listen to it now and still love it and I am now going from strength to strength in my life, thank you so much Dawn, for being a phenomenal therapist."

- Adrienne, Auckland, New Zealand.

"Dawn is a lovely therapist.  She possesses excellent skills and innate interpersonal qualities. She easily understands the crux of your problem, and she utilises her interpretive abilities to help you understand your experiences. Significant for hypnotherapy, her voice is calm and measured, and just listening to her makes you feel good.  Although the work is done in the hypnotherapy session, it is solidified by listening to the recording.  Because Dawn has such a relaxed and soothing voice, one is eager to listen each day.  Dawn is introspective and thoughtful, and this allows her to help you to understand your problems in a new context, to make changes, and to shift those beliefs that have previously hindered you.  I would highly recommend Dawn when you want to discover the root cause of your problems and begin the process of meeting your goals."

- Anne, London, England.

"Working with Dawn has transformed my life to another level . Only in only few sessions, I have changed my way of thinking using the law of attraction and that gave me an outstanding result in a short period of time. Now everything in my life is changing the way I want it to be.

In short, Dawn gave me the key to SUCCESS.

I love you Dawn and I wish you all the best ."

- Hela, Marrakech, Morocco.

"Thanks for your help the last few weeks. I found the sessions very helpful as they made me realise my feelings of anxiety are not that unusual and that it's ok to feel this way sometimes and to accept it. I felt a little stronger and more in control after each session as it made me think about how certain situations can lead to a panicky feeling and how I can avoid them (family situations) and by thinking more positively. I even had a dream last night that I was on a flight and I was ok."

- Leslie, Reading, England.

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