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International counselling services for English speakers

Zurich-based services, available in-person
or on-line for international clients

Hi, I'm Dawn,


I am a certified counsellor, and clinical hypnotherapist  with a background in life and health coaching. My motivation is to inspire change in you and make you feel better!


I want to work with you like a detective, looking for hidden clues and getting to the bottom of whatever is preventing you from living the life you want. The solutions to your issues and the life you want is closer than you think... and getting there is about looking in the right place, asking the right questions, and installing new beliefs.  


How I Can Help You

I work primarily with people in the expat community of Zurich, and people living overseas.  I offer 1-1 sessions in person or online, using traditional counselling methods as well as hypnotherapy techniques.  

Are you a teenager or adult that experiences:

  • anxiety

  • panic attacks

  • depression

  • low self-esteem

  • lack of direction and motivation in life

  • confusion about the future (education/careers etc.)

  • relationship difficulties

  • insomnia

  • or chronic health issues?

If you have difficulties with any of the above and would like my support, please contact me below:

3-session package that gets to the foundation of your difficulties

Total package 4 hours

CHF 600 for package

Traditional 1-1 counselling sessions to talk through your difficulties

1 hour

CHF 150 per session

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